Trust Protector

Master trust insurance administration app

Trust Protector allows trustees and trust administrators to manage and track insurance coverage on real and personal property held in trust.

Our technology captures comprehensive asset and underwriting data, then provides accurate coverage placement and premium billing on an account-by- account basis. Trust Protector also offers optional binding approval routing for trustees or administrators who wish to maintain tighter controls over the coverage placement process.

This real-time system provides streamlined data entry based upon customizable underwriting rules, instant premium calculations on the placement and cancellation of coverage, online document management and routing, claims management other customizable features.


  • Tracks internal and external insurance coverage on all active assets in the system
  • Provides insurance quotes prior to binding coverage
    With its built-in coverage wizard, determining the types and amounts of coverage to order based on account assets has never been easier. Quotes can be turned into bound orders with the click of a button
  • Provides optional built-in workflow management
    Orders can be routed through the system’s built-in workflow logic to designated personnel responsible for reviewing orders and supporting documentation prior to approval. In addition, certain coverage placements, such as earthquake, can also trigger an automatic risk management review prior to binding coverage. Workflow rules are table-driven, easily modified and can be turned on or off for all or individual coverage types
  • Streamlines 3rd party billing and notifications
    We provide automatic generation of third party invoices (including trusts with multiple beneficiaries).  Insurance-related notifications are created in PDF format and can be printed and mailed from your desktop. Images can also be seamlessly imported into your document management system
  • Interfaces with Trust Management Systems
    Nightly or weekly asset, billing, and insurance data synchronization keeps your trust management system updated with the latest insurance and premium billing information on trust assets
  • Provides real time reporting
    Our robust reporting engine provides real-time reports from your desktop on everything from current insurance status reports to renewal rating reports

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