Notify Borrowers (EasyNOR℠)

A better, faster way of notifying borrowers has arrived.

Notice of Requirement letters can take up an enormous amount of your staff’s time. Now you can get that time back—with EasyNORSM.

EasyNor streamlines the process of detecting and notifying borrowers of deficiencies and exposures, so your team can operate more efficiently.

After scanning your portfolios for deficiencies, EasyNOR sends a series of letters to borrowers with missing insurance. And if deficiencies are found, EasyNOR will implement coverage during the notification cycle.

With EasyNor, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce costs associated with tracking and borrower mailings
  • Access automated billing and data uploads to reduce manual data entry
  • Private label your Notice of Requirement letters
  • Protect against uninsured losses during the borrower notification cycle

If an exposure still exists after the notification process, EasyNor automatically implements lender placed insurance. That’s ironclad protection you can count on.

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