Borrower renewal data app

EasyData℠ reduces your incoming insurance mail volume by up to 80% while improving the accuracy of your borrower’s insurance data.

EasyData℠ acts as an insurance data clearinghouse, enabling clients to access their borrower’s homeowners’ insurance information electronically for over 900 insurance carriers, which can reduce incoming mail volume by up to 80%. EasyData puts clients in control of their insurance tracking responsibilities while significantly reducing data entry and document management labor costs and delays.


  • Links seamlessly with most existing servicing systems
  • Integrates with Loan Protector’s lender place hazard, flood and REO hazard, flood, and liability programs
  • Reduces incoming mail volume along with data entry and document management cost
  • Increases data accuracy
  • Integrates with EasyTrack℠ and EasyNOR℠ apps

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